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        • Name: Dryer
        • NO.: l007
        • Release Time: 2014-09-30
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        1.This machine is the corollary equipment of glass printing production line, being used for drying glass after printing. This machine consists of heating parts, transmission parts, hot air circulation system, exhaust system and the control parts, ensuring the drying of glass after printed.
        2.The length of every heating section is 2000 mm, the temperature can be separately set and controlled, heating element uses quartz heater, and the total length of equipment can be adjusted according to production requirement.
        3.Upper box of every heating section can be opened in sector way which makes convenience for replace the quartz heater and maintenance. In every heating section there are safety bars which can automatically open to ensure the safety of operator.
        4.Separate waste exhaust and fresh air compensation fan are set to prevent affecting working temperature of other area during waste exhausting.
        Model BWIR-1052 BWIR-1352 BWIR-1852 BWIR-2452
        Effective transmission width 1000 1300 1800 2440
        glass thickness 1.6--19 1.6--19 1.6--19 1.6--19
        transfer speed 2~8m/min 2~8m/min 2~8m/min 2~8m/min
        Transfer height(mm) 915±25mm 915±25mm 915±25mm 915±25mm
        Independent drying section length 2000 2000 2000 2000
        Independent drying section quantity 2 2 2 2
        Heating section quantity 2 2 2 2
        heating power 90KW 135KW 165 KW 210KW
        power supply 3N 380V 50Hz 120KW 3N 380V 50Hz 160KW 3N 380V 50Hz 190KW 3N 380V 50Hz 230KW
        Outer dimension 5200X1600X1800 mm 5200X1900X1800 mm 5200X2400X1800 mm 5200X3100X1800 mm

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