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        • Name: Large stand electric exposing unit
        • NO.: z007
        • Release Time: 2014-09-29
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        Work table is vacuum suction with elastic rubber make perfect contact between the positive film and screen, thus hold fine details on the screen.
        Instant vacuum saves time for making screen.
        Equips with two powerful lamps, set up special reflector, supply homogeneous light source.
        Customized specifications are available.
        Model BWEM-1224GS
        Max size of frame mm 50×1700×3000
        power of single lapm 3N 380V 50Hz 3KW
        power supply 3N 380V 50Hz 3KW /AC 220V 50Hz 650W
        weight 1000kg
        Outer dimension 4200×2160×2350

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