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        • Name: large semi-automatic screen printing machine
        • NO.: y006
        • Release Time: 2014-09-17
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        The machine is suitable for single and multi-color printing of the architectural, automotive and various irregular shape of glass, paper or board made of non-deforming materials
        The working table could slide in and out without vibration; the sliding speed is stepless adjustable which is convenience for loading and unloading of substrate.
        The surface of the working table is made of aero-purpose aluminum alloy with aluminum honey-comb inside to ensure the surface of the working table smooth and non-deforming.
        Four pole guide the lifting of big frame and double stroke lifting is smooth and synchronous.
        The whole frame structure is used in the screen clamp and centering device, which is strong and reliable. The 3-point centering method is used, which is convenient and instant.
        The peel-off is synchronously driven with printing, auxiliary instant back system is adopted to ensure the horizontal flooding.
        The mechanical protection device is installed in the screen cleaning position to ensure the safety of operators.
        Model BWSP-7011G
        MAX printing area mm 700*1100(mm)
        thickness of substrate mm 800*1350(mm)
        power supply 900±25(mm)
        air supply 1200x1600(mm)
        weight 250(mm)
        Outer dimension 35(mm)
        网版调节范围 ±7.5(mm)
        即时离网高度 0~25(mm)
        印刷、回墨速度 0~0.5(m/s)
        气 源 0.6~0.8MPa
        电 源 3N 380V 4.0KW
        重 量 约1800kg
        设备外形尺寸 2400*2100*1600(mm)

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