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        • Name: Roller Printing Machine
        • NO.: y004
        • Release Time: 2014-09-17
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        This equipment is wet membrane coating machine, mainly used in the architectural glass printing full page and pattern-less coating and the PCB coating as well as the coating of the photosensitive ink in the LCD. The lifting of the roller coating system is digitally controlled, ensuring the quick, convenient and precise adjustment of machine when the thickness of product varies.
        Model BWRP-1200 BWRP-1800 BWRP-2400
        The Max. printing width(mm) 1200 1800 2400
        Roller printing thickness(mm) 3~19 3~19 3~19
        Coating speed 0.2m/S~0.6m/S 0.2m/S~0.6m/S 0.2m/S~0.6m/S
        Power source 3N 380V 50Hz 4Kw 3N 380V 50Hz 4Kw 3N 380V 50Hz 4Kw
        outer dimension(L×W×H) (mm) 1250×2550×1650 1250×3150×1650 1250×3750×1650
        Weight(about) 1000kg 1500kg 2000kg

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