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        • Name: screen printing machine
        • NO.: y002
        • Release Time: 2014-09-29
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        This equipment is 3-section automatic flat material screen printer. This equipment consists of positioning, printing and unloading section. The transfer of glass among each section is realized by shuttle. This equipment simultaneously realize the each step of which should be realized step by step by common screen printer at the 3 working sections of which can greatly improve the production capacity, especially suitable for high quality and large batch printing production of triangular glass of automobile, sidelight,small backlite and home appliance glass.

        The special designed positioning method enables the equipment with high adaptability for the complex substrate such as the triangular glass and sidelight of the automobile. The central positioning method is adopted at the X and Y direction of which can requirements for the printing.

        The patented poly-treated table plate with low coefficient of friction so as to avoid the glass been scuffed and also the high ability to resist the erosion of solvent is equipped at this working plate.

        High precision servo system together with high precision linear guide rail is adopted at the transfer part of shuttle together with vacuum aspiration system to suck the glass. The max. Motion speed of this shuttle is 1.5m/s

        Model BWSP-7011HA
        The max. printing size mm 700×1100
        The Min. printing size mm 150×250
        Substrate thickness mm 2~6
        positioning precision mm 3N 380V 50Hz 3.5KW
        Power supply 360~600 pcs/h
        production capacity 5396×2140×1850mm

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