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        • Name: screen printing machine
        • NO.: y003
        • Release Time: 2014-09-17
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        This machine is the main body of glass printing production line,which can realize the function of automatic loading ,positioning, printing ,ink suction, drying, cooling and unloading by cooperating with the other equipments. It’s especially suitable for continuous production of architectural glass, furniture glass, automobile glass and some other glass of large size.

        This machine is suitable for printing on hard material and some other flat substrates of certain rigidity.

        The special positioning method enables the equipment with high adaptability for the complex substrate such as the windshield and backlite of the automobile, the positional accuracy is±0.1mm.

        The patented poly-treated table plate with low coefficient of friction so as to avoid the glass been scuffed and also the high ability to resist the erosion of solvent is equipped at this working plate.

        The table-board of GA series machine are set with blowing air cushion function which wonderfully solves the scratches problem, meeting the requirement of printing on 3~19mm-thick glass.

        The table-board of GA-A series machine are set with blowing & adsorption function in any area, coordinating with floating anchor point, which effectively solve the positioning question of 2mm-thick glass; meanwhile, independent copper shut off-available valve design enables the effective working range adjusted according to the glass appearance size, provide the screen from drying during the printing process.




        规 格 BWSP-1322GA BWSP-1825GA BWSP-2030GA BWSP-2436GA BWSP-2445GA BWSP-2551GA
        最大印件 1300*2200 1800*2500 2000*3000 2440*3660 2440*4500 2500*5100
        最小印件 500*700 500*700 500*700 800*1000 800*1000 800*1200
        外形尺寸 3700*2400*1850 4000*2800*1850 4500*3000*1850 5200*3600*1850 6000*3600*1850 6600*3600*1850
        承印物厚度 3-19 3-19 3-19 3-19 3-19 3-19
        电源 3N 380V/50Hz 5.5kw 3N 380V/50Hz 5.5kw 3N 380V/50Hz 5.5kw 3N 380V/50Hz 6.5kw 3N 380V/50Hz 6.5kw 3N 380V/50Hz 6.5kw

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